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Our Syrah for Soil supports American Farmland Trust's work to help farmers transition to regenerative farming.

American Farmland Trust

American Farmland Trust launched the conservation agriculture movement and has been bringing agriculture and the environment together since 1980. AFT takes a holistic approach to farmland and ranchland, protecting it from development, promoting environmentally sound farming practices, and keeping farmers on it.

Regenerative agriculture is a key tool in the fight against climate change, and as part of its work AFT helps farmers profitably transition to regenerative practices like no-till and cover cropping. A typical farmer gets only about 30 harvests in their career, so it’s critical they have the support and information they need to shift their practices seamlessly. The carbon sequestration potential of regenerative farming is enormous. AFT's science estimates that the adoption of just two practices, cover crops and no-till, could reduce GHG emissions by about 246 Million Metric Tons - or 40% of US Agricultural emissions.

Regenerative practices are not only about carbon. Regenerative farming is a system that results in improved ecological, social, and economic conditions, including: (1) producing abundant, healthy food; (2) enhancing soil health and soil biological life; (3) supporting functioning ecosystems where wildlife thrives; (4) supporting thriving rural communities; (5) creating opportunities for people of all backgrounds, including black, indigenous, and people of color. AFT is honored to work with Proud Pour to engage farmers and advance regenerative farming.